Mineral Systems; Short Course

Non-magmatic mineral systems; day 4

  • Introduction; orogenic and anorogenic Au and base metals lodes
  • Listvenites and rodingites
  • Laterite-supergene mineral deposits
  • Non-sulphide supergene mineral deposits
  • Mississippi valley-type ore deposits
  • Black shales, high-heat producing granites
  • Placer (alluvial) deposits
  • Archaean paleoplacers (South Africa and Western Australia
  • Hydrothermal systems and the biosphere; the role of organic matter
  • Hot springs 

Iron (and Mn) banded formations, phosphorites and uranium mineral deposits; day 5

  • Introduction; iron formations
  • Sedimentary phosphate deposits
  • Uranium mineralization, the Witwatersrand basin
  • Mineral systems associated with asteroid impacts
  • Extraterrestrial hydrothermal processes and terrestrial analogues
  • Lessons from the past
  • Strategies, methods and work environment
  • Conclusions
  • Digital handouts provided

​Alteration-metasomatism; classification of mineral systems; Tables on geotectonic features of mineral deposits; comprehensive list of books and special issues on mineral deposits

​Ore deposit geology and mineral exploration


Mineral Systems; Short Course

Franco Pirajno
Magmatic mineral systems; day 1

  • Introduction and historical notes
  • Ni-Cu-PGE deposits of layered intrusions and Alaskan-type intrusions
  • Komatiites
  • Anorogenic alkaline complexes and carbonatites, rare earths mineralisation
  • Diamondiferous kimberlites, lamproites
  • Large Igneous Provinces and mantle-lithosphere interactions

Magmatic-hydrothermal mineral systems; day 2

  • Introduction; hydrothermal processes, wall rock alteration, hyperspectral mapping and remote sensing
  • Intrusion-related and Cu-Au porphyry systems
  • Intraplate Mo porphyry systems
  • Epithermal precious metals ore systems
  • Carlin-type and skarn deposits
  • Iron Oxide-Copper-Gold (IOCG) deposits

Mineral deposits of the ocean floor; mineral systems in volcano-sedimentary basins; day 3

  • Introduction; ocean floor, ophiolites and related hydrothermal processes
  • Deep ocean floor Fe-Mn and rare earths mineralization
  • Volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits, Besshi-type massive sulphide deposits
  • Movie clips
  • Sedimentary exhalative massive sulphides (SEDEX); Red Sea brines; Copperbelt Cu-Co deposits
  • Breccia pipes
  • Continental rift systems and associated ore deposits