​Ore deposit geology and mineral exploration

Mineral systems, overview and genetic concepts

Day 1; morning

Introduction; alkaline complexes, carbonatites, kimberlites, rifts, hydrothermal processes

Introduction and basic principles
Supercontinents, mantle dynamics, mineral systems
Giant continental rift systems, mantle plumes and associated ore deposits

Anorogenic alkaline complexes and carbonatites, rare earths mineralisation)
Diamondiferous kimberlites, lamproites
Introduction; hydrothermal processes, wall rock alteration, hyperspectral mapping and remote sensing

 Day 1; afternoon

Magmatic-hydrothermal mineral systems

Convergent margins Cu-Au porphyry systems
Intraplate Mo porphyry systems
Skarn deposits; Gejiu skarns SW China
Iron Oxide-Copper-Gold (IOCG)  and Kiruna-type deposits
 Sedimentary exhalative massive sulphides (SEDEX); Red Sea brines; Copperbelt Cu-Co deposits

Mineral systems, overview and genetic concepts

Day 2; morning

Mineral deposits of the ocean floor; mineral systems in volcano-sedimentary basins
Introduction; ocean floor, ophiolites and related hydrothermal processes
Deep ocean floor Fe-Mn and rare earths mineralization
Movie clips
Volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) deposits
Magnetite-dominant VMS
Besshi-type VMS
Breccia pipes

Day 2: afternoon

Non-magmatic mineral systems

Laterite-supergene mineral deposits
Non-sulphide supergene mineral deposits
Mississippi valley-type ore deposits; black shales
Iron and manganese ores
Placers and Archaean paleoplacers (South Africa and Western Australia)
Biosphere and hydrothermal systems; role of subaerial hot springs, epithermal deposits

Conclusion and discussion

Alteration-metasomatism; classification of mineral systems; Tables on geotectonic features of mineral deposits; comprehensive list of books and special issues on mineral deposits